Horse Haul Competition

Horse Hauling Match

Thursday, August 11, 2022 Starts at 6:30PM
Weigh-In will take place at Miramichi Feeds beginning at 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM SHARP
Proof of insurance must be shown. It is recommended that horses be vaccinated.

Rules for the Napan Agricultural Show Hauling Match

  1. The drag must be hauled six (6) feet without stopping and without horses touching side rails.
  2. a. Each team will be allowed five (5) minutes to make a pull.
    b. Each team has three (3) hook on's in the five minutes and must unhook each time.
  3. In the case of breaking harness, a contestant must have it repaired and ready to proceed within fifteen (15) minutes or be declared out of the match.
  4. In case of rain, the N.A.S Executive will make a decision on when and if the hauling match will take place. NO person will be allowed to question the decision or argue with the N.A.S. Executive.
  5. Abusive language will not be tolerated and offenders in such cases may be prevented from continuing the contest.
  6. Once you enter your team in the ring, no hitting the horses with your reigns will be tolerated. Any teamster violating this rule will get one (1) warning and then automatically disqualified.
  7. Any teamster starting with a particular team must continue as teamster of that team throughout the duration of the match, barring injury.
  8. Once the "hook-on-man" hooks the team on the drag, he must not touch the team until the pull is made.
  9. We will be using the length of the ring up to and including 6000 lbs with chalk lines. After that, we will be going back to traditional pull with planks in place. No team will be allowed to step on the chalk line or plank when making the pull.
  10. In the match, the starting load will be 3000 lbs for first round. Only the Light Draft teams will participate in the first round. The load will be increased by 1000 lbs for the second round for all teams. The load will then increase by 500 lbs for the third round and 500 lbs each round for the rest of the match, unless ruled otherwise by the judges.
  11. The amount of $60 will be paid to each team not in the prize money for hauling the starting load.
  12. Once the team has entered the ring, they must remain there until they are eliminated. Any team violating this rule is automatically disqualified.
  13. The teamsters are responsible for their teams while at the hauling match. All horses must be attended to at all times and all teams must be faced toward the fence and the team tied to a post. All teams will be monitored for control of their teams. If any teamster does not maintain control of their team, the team will be disqualified. The Napan Agricultural Show committee assumes no responsibility for damage caused by teams at the show grounds.
  14. The teamsters and helpers will not be allowed around the drag except when making a pull.
  15. The drag must not be hauled past the designated mark.
  16. Teams must weigh in at a minimum of 2200 lbs.
  17. In case of two or more teams ending up with the same percentage, the money for these two or more positions will be divided evenly.
  18. No person will be allowed to question the decision of or argue with the judge.
  19. All Teams wishing to enter hauling match at Napan Agricultural Show must show proof of liability insurance prior to weigh in. NO ACCEPTIONS.

Prize Money

Light Draft (2200 to 2799 lbs)
1st Place: $150
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: $90
4th Place: $70

Medium Draft (2800 to 3299 lbs)
1st Place: $150
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: $90
4th Place: $70

Heavy Draft (3300 lbs and up)
1st Place: $150
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: $90
4th Place: $70